Generally we say that if the paint is not damaged then we can make it go away. Some exceptions might be if the dent is too stretched, If there is structural damage behind the dent, or if it is deep without adequate access. Give us a call and we can determine if your damage can be removed.

PDR is an art that we are constantly learning and developing. We strive to stay on the cutting edge as far as equipment and training to insure that we give you the best quality available.

Small and Large Dents, Door Dings, Creases • Hail Damage • Minor Collision Damage • Road Debris, Wind Damage • Shopping Car Dents

Before & After of Dent Repair
Before & After of Dent Repair
Before & After of Dent Repair


Motorcycle PDR is an art by itself. There are factors that determine if the dent is removable or not. Access to the dent is the main thing to consider when contemplating this method. If the dent is accessible then PDR is the way to go. We can preserve your beautiful paint job and the value of your motorcycle. Motorcycle owners are passionate about their bikes and so are we when it comes to dent removal. Let our decades of experience bring your bike back to its original condition.


Anyone who has ever used conventional methods of replacing panels and repainting their aircraft knows that it can be very expensive and time intensive to do. Dr. Ding can help you there as well. We have successfully removed dents and dings from airplanes, and helicopters too! We can help you preserve your aircrafts value in the least invasive way. Let our experienced and highly trained team bring your aircraft back to it’s pre-dent condition.


Dr. Ding – Paintless Dent Removal

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